Lead Guru Don Runge Referrals The Advanced Approach Audio CD Open Case
Lead Guru Don Runge Referrals The Advanced Approach
Lead Guru Don Runge Referrals Advanced Approach Audio CD Cover

"The Advanced Approach" audio only on CDs


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"The Advanced Approach" CD audio on Referrals.

NEW The Advanced Approach:
Step up your lead prospecting training. The Advanced APPROACH was created as a sequel to Don Runge Live! Two hours of advanced prospecting training that will help you master the referral process. Like having a MS Degree in Activity Lead Prospecting where you learn:

  • How to use a 9-step process
  • Market your way in, sell your way out, refer your way back in
  • How to create initial and on-going relationships
  • How to use a marketing approach to set appointments
  • How to use a non-qualified lead to create semi-qualified leads
  • How to use a need/lead identifier tool to create more and better leads
  • How to work event, product and targeted list leads
  • How to build 1000 leads in one year

Media Format: Audio Only
Product: CD
Number of Discs: 2
Duration: 02:33:49 (2 Hours 33 Minutes and 49 Seconds)



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