Welcome to Don Runge, CLU

I have spent over 50 years working with companies designing and developing lead marketing systems. My experience has allowed me to work with direct mail, telemarketing, T.V., newspaper inserts, store stuffers, credit inserts and pre-approach lead marketing.

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Don’s Philosophy

The "Don Runge Live!" videos and audios are the next best thing to having Don live.


Become more skilled at converting leads into appointments

You’ll Learn How To:
  • Learn how to convert a lead into an appointment
  • The art and science of phone, virtual and door-knocking appointment setting
  • Why all leads can be worked into good leads
  • How to neutralize appointment objections/spontaneous responses
  • How to set 15+ appointments per week i.e using a senior list of names
  • Learn how to market your way in vs. selling
  • How to find 5 sources of referrals once you are in

Don Runge