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Best Webinars and Seminars for Team Training by Lead Guru Don Runge

Webinars, Seminars, Workshops, Clinics, and Boot camps

The best way to experience Don Runge is via an online webinar, or to have Don come to your business, in-person, with an onsite seminar, workshop, clinic, or boot camp.

Online with Don

Webinars with Don Runge

You don't need to beg for Don to come to your office, we can also schedule a live webinar online.


With over 50 topics to choose from, Don offers customized training webinars of up to 45 minutes each plus live Q & A.  

It’s by far one of his most popular services!

Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Prospecting
  • Appointment setting
  • Effectively working any type of lead
  • Developing an activity-based mindset
  • Using a marketing approach to convert leads
  • Paying yourself forward
  • Handling objections
  • Using questions to control conversations
  • Creating 100 leads in one year
  • Successful prospecting strategies
  • Event Leads – a step above a lead
  • Critical listening skills
  • Marketing your way in, selling yourself out
  • And many more...
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For lead training, these are approximately 6-8hrs in length on site sessions and are fully customizable. For recruiting, seminars run 3-5hrs in length. Here are the topics Don usually covers:

  • Learn how to increase your lead-to-appointment conversion ration/net ratio
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce lead cost
  • How to average 15+ appointments/week
  • Create leads out of leads
  • Be able to Get Up, Get Out and Get In more often
  • Audience interaction
  • Build an effective 45-second appointment approach
  • Recruiting vs. interviewing
  • Creating a constant flow of candidates
  • Reactive vs. proactive recruiting
  • Balancing demands of being a recruiting manager
  • Real sources that work
Oklahoma City Seminar

Don Runge Seminars

Have Don come to your team and teach live and in-person

On-Site Appointment Setting Training

Don will come to your location to conduct a fast paced targeted appointment setting workshop.

Practice telephone appointment setting over the phone and face-to-face. Learn valuable quick tips!

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Training Products

Don via DVD Video, CD Audio, and Immediate Digital Download Available.

Workshops and Clinics

More in-depth, hands on customized interactive training in a live environment or virtually in real time.

Recruiting Boot Camps

Participants will experience live, in-market personal recruiting training making recruiting phone calls etc.

2-day combination interactive workshop plus actually going out and activating a sample personal recruiting action plan. Participants will also role play, make phone contact calls work on approaches etc. Understand the meaning of “Recruit or Die!”

  • Learn how to build a customized personal recruiting program
  • Focus is on learning simple, transferrable and current techniques and approaches
  • Eliminate last bullet, “real sources that work” and add, “Learn the how-to’s of personal recruiting
  • Fish with a net not a pole strategy
Lead Guru

Boot Camps with Don

Don Runge boot camps are intense training that deliver the skills that your team needs now.

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