Don's Philosophy

and why Lead Guru Don Runge?

Don Runge's Success Philosophy

I believe that one of the keys to an agent’s success is being able to set enough appointments each week. To do this, they must have the proper lead mindset versus an activity prospecting mindset.

In my opinion, agents in general spend 90% of their initial training on products but only 20% of their training developing consistent activity. And it is in this reason why so many agents struggle. Agents need to make the shift to spending 80% of their time selling and only 20% on prospecting (working leads).

This is where I focus most of my training – helping them make this shift and changing their approach. In short, market their way in, sell their way out, and refer themselves back again and again.

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Why the Lead Guru?

Don focuses his training on helping agents eliminate the primary source of failure for new and experienced agents alike:

Setting appointments and developing an activity based mentality.

Agents struggle when they can’t set enough appointments consistently on a weekly basis.

They also quickly alienate potential clients by using "insurance speak."

Don’s training teaches agents to develop a CMA (confident mental attitude) so they can set more appointments each week leading to a better opportunity to succeed.

Simply put, Don likes to train agents to market their way in and create a reason to come back. All packaged in a simple and transferrable way for both new and experienced agents to apply right away.

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Don Runge Says

"I believe that one of the keys to an agent’s success relies
on being able to develop an activity prospecting system. In my experience, it isn’t products or lack of commission levels. It’s simply if agents can’t figure
out how to get in front of more people on a consistent basis, they will not succeed long term. And what’s more, if they can’t start a conversation with strangers using good excuses, then they will struggle as well."

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