Not a lot of fluff…. Just recruiting ideas that work.

This is one of the very few personal recruiting training programs available. This material is based upon Don’s real experiences over years of building new sales/marketing organizations as well as integrating personal recruiting into insurance company’s existing recruiting programs. You will find that various approaches, techniques and processes are simple and very transferrable. Don personally validated this material during his time building two multi-million-dollar marketing organizations from scratch. In fact, he used this information found in, “The 7 Keys to Effective Recruiting” to hire over 550 neophyte agents in only 36 months. Th is information can be utilized and applied immediately.

  • Become a recruiter not just an interviewer
  • Build a funnel of candidates that won’t run out
  • How to integrate selling, field training and supervising with recruiting
  • Discover over 30 practical recruiting sources you will find in most markets
  • Learn how to find F-A-T candidates
  • Learn how to recruit with a net vs. a pole
  • Learn a unique recruiting technique- Think 5
  • Learn how to apply a relationship marketing approach to increase your recruiting activity.
  • Learn the how-to’s of personal recruiting

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