Digital training video with quizzes. Two hours of practical and proven practices where you will learn:

    • How to analyze your target market
    • How to get off to a fast start and avoid plateaus in your second year
    • Proven techniques, approaches and processes to help you set up more appointments
    • Learn to work more leads effectively
    • Approaches that will help start conversations with strangers
    • How to multiply a lead into more leads
    • How to master a 9-step marketing process
    • How to use control questions to neutralize objections
    • Learn how to use face to face and phone appointment-setting strategies
    • Learn how to market your way in; sell your way out; and refer yourself back in

    A voucher with a code to access the course will be sent via email.

    Price: $59.95

    Still our most popular product! Over 5 hours of intense lead training using Don’s 8 Step process, THE APPROACH. Perfect for even the most seasoned agent. Learn how to:

    • Lead preparation and organization
    • Work any type of lead
    • Reduce lead costs
    • Average 15+ appointments per week
    • Create leads out of leads
    • Control appointment objections and neutralize them
    • Improve your lead-to-appointment ratio by up to 50%!
    • Scripts, scripts, scripts!
    • How to handle phone and in-home objections
    • Learn how to use control questions to control conversations
    Price: $29.95$39.95

    Step up your lead prospecting training. The Advanced APPROACH was created as a sequel to Don Runge Live! Two hours of advanced prospecting training that will help you master the referral process. Like having a MS Degree in Activity Lead Prospecting where you learn:

    • How to use a 9-step process
    • Market your way in, sell your way out, refer your way back in
    • How to create initial and on-going relationships
    • How to use a marketing approach to set appointments
    • How to use a non-qualified lead to create semi-qualified leads
    • How to use a need/lead identifier tool to create more and better leads
    • How to work event, product and targeted list leads
    • How to build 1000 leads in one year
    Price: $19.95$29.95

    Feeling lost and frustrated by the DO NOT CALL registry issue? Let Don Runge, Lead Guru, take you through 12 hands-on activity options you can start using today without violating the recent regulations. Real ideas that work!

    • One of the best leads you can work
    • Prospecting ideas on how to use this lead correctly
    • Proven ways to work leads
    • Having the right mindset
    • The advantages of working with this unique lead
    • Developing the right mindset
    • Strategies to capitalize on additional lead sources

    A voucher with a code to access the course will be sent via email.

    Price: $6.95

    This training tool addresses some of the real concerns and questions agents struggle with every day. Including:

    • False lead perceptions
    • Being properly prepared to contact the lead
    • Working a free booklet lead
    • Buying the right list
    • Qualified vs. non-qualified leads
    Price: $9.95

    Recruiting first aid for managers. Don provides clear, specific direction along with concrete ideas that can be used today to get your business moving in the right direction. One of the few, experience-based personal recruiting training series. You will find the information to be simply, transferrable and insightful. This material is a condensed version of my personal experience in recruiting as well as training over 5000 managers to use it. It DOES work. Hired 550 unlicensed agents and managers in only 36 months.

    • Become a recruiter not just an interviewer
    • Build a bank of potential candidates
    • How to integrate selling, field training and supervising with recruiting
    • Learn about 30 personal recruiting sources you can develop with little to no cost
    • Two minutes or less approaches
    • Learn how to recruit with a net vs. a pole
    • Learn how to Think 5
    Price: $29.95$39.95

    This CD covers the “how to’s” of turning new and/or old direct mail leads into appointments. Included are simple approaches on how to effectively work leads and how to avoid the approaches that do not work.

    Price: $6.95