Still our most popular product! Over 5 hours of intense lead training using Don’s 8 Step process, THE APPROACH. Perfect for even the most seasoned agent. Learn how to:

    • Lead preparation and organization
    • Work any type of lead
    • Reduce lead costs
    • Average 15+ appointments per week
    • Create leads out of leads
    • Control appointment objections and neutralize them
    • Improve your lead-to-appointment ratio by up to 50%!
    • Scripts, scripts, scripts!
    Price: $119.00

    Step up your lead prospecting training. The Advanced APPROACH was created as a sequel to Don Runge Live! Two hours of advanced prospecting training that will help you master the referral process.

    • Using a new 9 Step process that picks up where “Don Runge Live!” leaves off
    • Learn strategies to transform non-qualified leads to qualified leads
    • Develop 1000 event leads within one year
    • Master the referral process and make your leads work harder
    Price: $119.00

    Don’s newest lead prospecting video will help you:

    • Set enough appointments
    • Learn how to build and effective approach
    • Know your market
    • The power of asking questions
    • Multiply prospecting opportunities
    • Build an effective referral program
    • Tips on door-knocking appointments

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    Price: $99.00

    This training tool addresses some of the real concerns and questions agents struggle with every day. Including:

    • False lead perceptions
    • Being properly prepared to contact the lead
    • Working a free booklet lead
    • Buying the right list
    • Qualified vs. non-qualified leads
    Price: $15.95

    This CD covers the “how to’s” of turning new and/or old direct mail leads into appointments. Included are simple approaches on how to effectively work leads and how to avoid the approaches that do not work.

    Price: $15.95

    Feeling lost and frustrated by the DO NOT CALL registry issue? Let Don Runge, Lead Guru, take you through 12 hands-on activity options you can start using today without violating the recent regulations.Real ideas that work!

    Price: $18.95

    Recruiting first aid for managers. Don provides clear, specific direction along with concrete ideas that can be used today to get your business moving in the right direction.

    • How to become a recruiter instead of an interviewer
    • How to develop a constant flow of candidates each week
    • How to balance recruiting, training, coaching and supervising
    • How to create proactive recruiting sources
    • How to develop a 24/7 mindset
    • Recruiting approach ideas and scripts!
    Price: $110.00