NEW!!! “The Advanced APPROACH”, audio CD and note guide (2hrs.)

    Step up your lead prospecting training. The Advanced APPROACH was created as a sequel to Don Runge Live! Two hours of advanced prospecting training that will help you master the referral process. Like having a MS Degree in Activity Lead Prospecting where you learn:

    • How to use a 9-step process
    • Market your way in, sell your way out, refer your way back in
    • How to create initial and on-going relationships
    • How to use a marketing approach to set appointments
    • How to use a non-qualified lead to create semi-qualified leads
    • How to use a need/lead identifier tool to create more and better leads
    • How to work event, product and targeted list leads
    • How to build 1000 leads in one year
    Price: $19.95$29.95

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